Client Raves

The reason I'm so passionate about my work is because of the amazing people I get to work with and the relationships that we create together.  Here are some stories from some of my favorite clients.  You can find more on yelp.

Candace has been taking photos for my family for over 6 years. She captured some of the most, playful, candid, beautiful moments that warm my heart every time I review them or see them in my living room on the wall. One of the images she took, was so great that it inspired an artist friend of mine to paint her portrait because of its beauty and energy captivated. I have 2 boys and her spirit is so gentle and kind that my boys just LOVE Candace. She has a unique gift with connecting to babies and young children. They are very receptive to her and she allows them to remain natural and NOT intimidated at all. She has a natural eye for photography and the proofs show it!

Recently I had the pleasure of working with Candace for some current headshots and expressive, playful images that I wanted to use for the process of branding myself and a new business that I’ve begun. Not only did she capture magical images of the workshop I facilitated, but she took the BEST photos of myself that I’m tickled to death with. I thought my best images would be the face front smiling shots, and to my surprise, she made every shot exciting to view. I have so many images to choose from, I’m just beside myself with gratitude and satisfaction from her work. 

I highly recommend her. She is mobile, flexible and easy to be with. Her creativity also comes from a long career of having been a subject/model herself, so she knows what it takes to guide you on HOW to look and position your body, what to wear, color schemes, and even how to place your hands, face, shoulders, chin everything!!
What a gift to work with such a talented photographer. I will be working with her in the future for sure!”

— Breezy Tipton-Gorman-  Interior Image

“Candace is an amazing woman and photographer. Our session together was simple, fun and elegant. She allowed me to express my inner creativity and guided me when it was needed. I loved her encouragement as well as patience. She has a connection to the lens that empowers her with an easy flow of images. Then, she continued communication as we discussed the photos after the session. I felt held by her through the entire process: shoot, review, and select. The most special gift was having the final photos with her logo and without. I really appreciate that! Thank you, Candace.”

— Heather Kipnis- artist and musician

Working with Candace was hands down once of my best photography sessions. Not only did we have the pleasure of being in a beautiful Mexican setting in Tulum, but Candace’s style was the perfect balance of fun, casual, professional and so genuinely sincere. With Candace’s approach of gentle guidance I felt relieved to be free and have fun.

Seeing the final results was truly mind blowing. The candid images from our retreat reaaaally captured some special magic that was actually magnified in the pictures. Reliving the experience through the images was not just a reminder of those precious moments but it gave them a whole new life, which created a deeper memory etched in my heart. 

Candace certainly has not just the skill but the intuitive eye that comes through the lens of a sincere heart to capture truly magical moments. I would certainly trust and recommend her for life’s most special moments and occasions.”

— Danielle Dares~ She Dares