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How far in advance should I book you?

I always recommend that you book me at least 1-2 months in advance of when you think you’ll need your new photos, just to avoid the stress of rushing. Of course, if you’ve got a rush deadline, please feel free to email me so I can see if there’s a way to adjust  my schedule.


What do I need to bring to my photo shoot? Depending on the package you purchase, this will be predetermined or with help from your awesome stylist.  We'll discuss all of this in detail before your shoot.  Outfits, accessories, and of course, your lovely self, is your basic list! While we generally recommend you bring 5 outfits to your photo shoot, the more choices you have, the better!  


How long will my photo shoot take? It all depends on what package you choose. I offer two-hour headshot photography sessions, as well as half day and full day lifestyle and portrait sessions. That being said, I keep working until I get the shots I want and you’re feeling confident that we’ve captured what you’re looking for.


Do I bring my own outfits to the shoot? Yes, you’re responsible for bringing your own outfits to your photo shoot. But don’t worry! I’m here to offer all the feedback, guidance, and support you need, because I know just how stressful it can be to figure out what to wear (and what not to wear).


Do you cover makeup and hairstyling? Of course! I have an incredible team of go-to makeup artists and hairstylists that will take total care of you the day of your photo shoot.  All of my packages include full hair, makeup, and help with wardrobe styling.  There is no extra charge for this.


How many “looks” or wardrobe changes do I get? You’re guaranteed three looks during your headshot session, more for a lifestyle shoot. I don't put a limit on the number of outfit changes you are allowed. I do my best to give you as much variety as possible during your shoot.  

Can I have my pictures taken outdoors? Of course! I’m happy to discuss alternative locations for your shoot during the planning stage. Whether you’re interested in having your photos taken downtown, at a local coffee shop, in your kitchen or at the beach, my goal is always to give you portraits that represent your brand authentically.


How many images do I get? For the studio business headshot package, you get three. For the lifestyle photo package, you get ten. For the larger lifestyle photo package, you get twenty. Of course, sometimes it’s hard to choose when you get your photos back and you love so many of them! When that’s the case, I offer a $40/photo add-on fee for additional photos purchased.


What’s your cancellation policy? I take a non-refundable deposit in advance and am happy to reschedule photo shoots if I have at least 48-hour notice.


Can I get a refund if I don’t like my pictures? Because I work with an in-demand makeup artist and hairstylist who I have to schedule well in advance and compensate for their time, unfortunately, I can’t offer refunds. The good news is: I’ve never been asked for a refund, because I’m absolutely committed to getting you the photographs you want during our time together.


How do I pay for my photo session? You pay a deposit to book your spot and pay the remaining fee prior to your photo session. I accept cash, cheques, e-transfers, or Paypal payments.


How soon after the shoot do I get my online proofs? Approximately two weeks.


How soon after the shoot do I get my final, retouched proofs? One to two weeks.

Will you travel? Absolutely!  As a world explorer and avid globetrotter, I absolutely love to travel for shoots!  If you’re interested in working together in another city, shoot me a message and we can discuss the endless possibilities!


What if I've never had a professional photo session before?

That's ok! Most women haven't. In fact, we specialize in posing women who may be uncomfortable in front of a camera and we are happy to help you along in this process!

During the session, Tara and Heidi will gently guide you through many authentic and natural poses, allowing you to find your own comfort level and encourage you via conversation and movement suggestions. Strike a pose; pull a face; do a cartwheel! You just never know what may inspire you during your Goddess session! And of course, if anything ever feels awkward or you have physical limitations, we are more than understanding and will move on to what works best for you. Relax. Leave this part to us. We're here to help you feel celebrated. And remember, you're in good hands!

Do you ever photograph indoors or in a studio?

I am outdoor, natural light photographer. I don't work in studios or use staged backdrops, as I have a firm belief that a woman is at her most beautiful when she is surrounded by the great outdoors - nature, familiar settings, and stunning natural light. Of course, if you have a location in mind that is indoors and offers ample natural light, I would be happy to discuss the possibility.

What should I wear to my session?

This is probably the most popular question asked prior to a session! And there are a few answers - most important, we want you to choose outfits that allow you to feel beautiful, celebrated, and inherently YOU! Have a special occasion outfit you've been dying to wear? Bring it to your session! Think outside the box. Don't be shy with your outfit choices as this is your chance to wear something that makes you feel amazing. While this piece of the session can often cause concerns, know that we are well versed in assisting you with finding the perfect selections for your time with us!

Prior to your session, we will have an in-depth conversation about outfit choices and make sure that you feel absolutely prepared for your day with us!

May I Bring Anyone With Me To My Session?

We find that women can be self-conscious in front of a camera and an “audience” can make someone feel that much more shy/nervous. At every stage, we want to remind you that your session is for you and about you!

We do not invite friends/relatives/boyfriends/husbands/wives/partners to our sessions for this reason. If someone is needed to drive you to your session, we'll often be near cafes or stores that they can wander in while you focus on enjoying your session with us!

How Long Will My Session Take?

Most of our sessions will last 1-3 hours from beginning to end (See our session offerings menu for duration details). Please allow yourself ample time to travel to your session location.

Before your session, Heidi and Tara will have a lighthearted and informative phone consultation with you (included in all sessions) to discuss your upcoming Goddess Session. During this time, we will discuss suitable locations, ask you questions about your desires/mission for the day, and how you envision your final images. This is an important part of our process as it allows Tara and Heidi to truly tailor your portrait session to your unique and individual wishes. We ask that you allocate 30-45 minutes for this pre-session consultation.

How Soon After My Session Will I Receive My Images?

We pride ourselves on sharing a complete and finished collection of images with you. We do not offer a proofing gallery, rather, deliver to you a beautiful finished product. We are experts in final image selection, and have an impeccable track record for delivering images that women adore.

Your images will be delivered to you via email in the form of a downloadable gallery of photos ready to be shared on your personal website, blog, publication or Facebook page. We work on each image individually to bring out the unique elements that help that image tell its story most effectively. Our mission and desire is for each image to represent the many beautiful facets of who you are. Our editing process is authentic and true to our clients, ensuring that each image reflects the very best version of your amazing self!

Image editing typically takes 6-8 weeks from the date of your session. You will receive an email notifying you when your images are ready to be viewed. If you are working on a project deadline and desire your images to be expedited, we offer a Rush Service at an additional fee which allows for 1 or 2 week turnaround time. Please ask about this at the time of booking. The Rush Service may be decided upon before your session date, and up to 7 days after your session date.

Please note: In Her Image Photography does not ever provide RAW or unedited images from sessions. The final images presented to you are chosen at the discretion of the photographers and are the only images available to you.

We understand that this process may not not meet the needs of every client. Therefore, if you are in any way uncomfortable with our proven process of delivering a beautiful finished collection of images carefully selected by your photographers, we suggest exploring other professionals for your imagery needs.

Can I Order Prints Of My Images?

Absolutely! In Her Image Photography proudly works with a local Green Certified Professional Print Lab who will bring the images from your session with us to gorgeous life.

Your session includes high resolution files that are printable up to an 8x10 size. Beyond that, we can print any size and most formats for you via our Print Lab.

Be sure to peruse our beautiful print and product catalog when you receive your online viewing collection!

As an incentive to create the most authentic reproductions of your imagery, we are pleased to offer you and your family a 10% discount on any order placed during your 2 week online viewing period.

While there is no obligation to order prints, we live in a digital world and having beautiful, heirloom quality prints of your session images makes for tangible reminder of the day you stepped into your power with us. Professionally preserving these memories also makes for an incredible gift that you and your family will treasure for decades.

Why Do Both Tara And Heidi Photograph At My Session And Do I Have To Pay Extra For Having Two Photographers?

What makes In Her Image Photography truly different and unique in their session experience is that our Goddess Portrait Sessions have both Tara and Heidi photographing simultaneously. We believe that by having both of us capture your session, we afford you not only more diverse images, but also more of those precious in-between moments captured. With two lenses shooting at different angles and times, the client feels more like a part of a group conversation, as opposed to feeling like they need to "perform" for just one camera. This unique approach is practically unheard of within portrait photography and usually only found during wedding photography sessions. There is no extra photographer fee. More frames, more fun, more authentic moments captured!

Will You Fix Any Blemishes Or Remove Any Wrinkles In My Final Photos?

We will be happy to remove any impermanent blemishes that you are concerned about. However, in an effort to capture your authentic self, we will never dramatically alter anything about how you physically look. We are battling against the industry that takes these unfair liberties with women, so we will always ask you what you would, or would not like to be “fixed." Some women like a wrinkle smoothed out here or there. Some prefer to embrace every fine line and smile crease. This is your session and your images and we are passionate about you being able to recognize your own beauty in a truthful and tangible way. We totally understand that women would like to see the “best version of themselves” in images and we are invested in reflecting that back to you. Bottom line - we want you to love how you look. We want your images to look like you, because honestly, you're gorgeous with or without editing!

Who Owns The Copyright To My Photos And How Can/Will They Be Used?

In Her Image Photography owns the FULL COPYRIGHT to all photographs that we take. We will definitely use them to promote our business either in print, on our web site, our Facebook fan page, in our promotional materials, and possibly in public shows or published works. You may use them for anything you’d like, in fact, we encourage that at every step of your process with us! A large majority of our clients use their images for personal branding and promotional use and we LOVE seeing their beautiful images out in the world! Our image contract states that if the images we created for you are ever to be published (magazine/newspaper article or any online forum such as Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr/Blog/Personal Website), In Her Image Photography absolutely must be credited. Typically, "Photo By: In Her Image Photography is the standard image credit for any and all published or online posts. A live link to our website is always greatly appreciated. This Copyright/Attribution policy is non-negotiable. A contract and model release is required to be signed prior to your session. Also, please keep in mind that we are an ethical business that will always protect the integrity of your images. We will never use them inappropriately, nor will we share any of your personal information in reference to your images without prior consent.

Having said that, you may print, share, post and blog your final images for your own personal use. If you need help with links, please ask!

We work very hard to protect our images of you, and also our unique work in this crazy internet world (where image theft is rampant). Please respect our above rules, and if you have any questions at all regarding them, just ask!

Do You Do Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir means "bedroom", so technically, no. We are interested in stepping outside the framework of what is traditionally considered "sexy." We don't support or follow the blueprint that dictates what a "sexy" photo is. We believe that you can be sexy in a variety of poses and outfits. Fully clothed or not, "sexy" comes in all shapes, sizes and age ranges. We are are not against nudity, however, as we shoot outdoors, we always prioritize your safety and your comfort. If you choose partial nudity as an outfit option, then we will always encourage empowered poses. So, while we don't offer the obvious and common "boudoir" style session, we have found that many of our clients have had transformational experiences with their self-image when they have shown more of themselves and their bodies during sessions with us. We are open to discussion when it comes to how you would like to be captured and portrayed during your session. Our intention will always be that you love who you are in your images. And our mission will always be to reflect back to you that you are beautiful and perfect, just the way you are.

Can I Bring My Pet?

We love animals with our whole hearts, but we are not pet photographers. We have found that animals at sessions can be distracting, but obviously we will make exceptions for service animals and cherished family members. We are also concerned about the safety of companion animals (we rescue animals in our spare time, after all), so we disallow bringing them and leaving them in your car during your session.

How Do I Pay For My Session?

A Non Refundable Reservation Payment of $125 is required to book and confirm your session. This payment can be made securely via an invoice we will send to you from either Paypal or Square. The balance of your session {Session Fee minus Reservation Payment} will be due on the day of your session, via cash/check or credit card. You may also post full payment via Paypal or Square within 48 hours of your session date. Images will not be released nor placed in the editing queue until full session payment has been made. Reservation payments are valid for 6 months from the date of payment. Session Fees are valid for 12 months from date of payment.

*Please note: Sessions purchased during sale events, gift cards, session reservations and regularly priced session fees are non-refundable. We are happy, however to have you gift or transfer your session to a friend if you are unable to use the session or reservation fee!

Expired Reservation Payments cannot be applied to any future session deposits/payments or balances.

How Do I Review My Images?

When your images are ready to be viewed, you will receive an email with a private link to your online collection of images. This link is private unless you choose to share it with friends or family. Your online collection will be available for 2 weeks for you to view, share, and order prints if you so desire. We offer a sleek and beautiful online viewing system that enables you to share your images on social media, mark favorites and even download right from one place! At any stage of your viewing period, if you have any questions, just ask!

For travel fees, please ask at time of booking.

Sessions fees outside of California vary from local session fees.

What Do The Hair & Makeup Services Include?

We collaborate with a talented group of independent Hair & Makeup professionals to assist you with feeling your very best for your session experience. Typically, these artists work on location, in your home, or at your accommodations. They provide all makeup and supplies, however, if you have specific needs or allergies, you can let them know ahead of time and arrange to bring your own product for them to expertly apply. We encourage you to communicate your wishes to your artist so that you feel gorgeous and ready for your session with us. We work with the following experts:

Elise Bigley, Kat Louis, Krysti Lozinski, Ania Gastol (International Sessions)

What If I Have To Cancel My Session?

In case of rescheduling, your Reservation Payment is valid for 6 months from the date it is paid and will be held for your rescheduled session.

In order for our little business to remain sustainable, we ask that if you need to reschedule with less than 48 hours notice that you pay your session balance on that day. We will send you an invoice along with the next available session dates. Sessions that are rescheduled with less than 48 hours notice will require session balance to be paid prior to a new date being confirmed.

Of course, life happens and we understand that things arise, therefore we will always make every attempt to re-schedule you as soon as possible. However, due to the demand for session dates, and out of respect for all of our clients’ schedules, a maximum of 1 rescheduled session will be allowed. If a 2nd reschedule is needed, a new Reservation Payment of $125 will need to be made, and you will be required to pay your session balance in full no later than 2 weeks prior to your next chosen session date. Please note that reschedules must happen within 6 months of your Reservation Payment.

If your session gets cancelled due to rainy inclement weather (it's California, but hey, it happens!), we will re-schedule your session for our next available slot.

*Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice with no reschedule will result in the client being billed the balance of the session. Please note that we would always prefer that you reschedule so as to avoid this option! We definitely want you to enjoy your session, however if you cancel, much like with any professional service (Doctor's office, Therapist) your balance will be due as agreed upon.