Family Story


Though I’d been taking pictures and making art well before I started making family portraits, it wasn’t until I got to play and really be myself with kids that I learned what I'm truly passionate about.  I'm the eternal surrogate aunt who loves spending time with kids but with no desire to have children of my own.  I live vicariously through the perfectly imperfect relationships of my friends, family, and treasured clients.  
Speaking from my own memories of family, the moments that stick out the most are the ones that were captured on film.  My childhood is a distant blur, but I can still vividly see the family photos and remember fondly the stories attached to them.  This photojournalistic style of family photography honors your family uniqueness parts of your normal routine and daily activities that you want to remember.  It documents these moments to create a record of your here and now, so you can remember it when it’s your there and then.  A family story presents the texture of a family’s time together.  the most intimate and real moments of a family's daily routine.  Your life, your story, captured in such a way you've never seen or stopped to observe.  A day in the life’ is unique because it allows us to document the very heart of what families are made of.  The final product is more than a family photo, it's a memory of your most special moments that is forever yours to keep

“We worry about what a child will become tomorrow,

yet we forget that he is someone today”.  -Stacia Tauscher.


These sessions are truly documentary — I will go with you wherever you go and capture some of the priceless and beautiful moments that occur every single day in your life but that you rarely get to remember and revisit. Because of the time commitment involved, I can only take a very limited number of Day in the Life sessions, so contact me as soon as possible to reserve your date!



The Family Story

 A family storytelling session documents the story of your family as you are right now in a collection of  images taken in and around your home or other location significant to you. The goal is to capture beautiful images of your family in your usual surroundings, doing things together that you enjoy and that are meaningful to you.  This is your chance to play!  Do you take your Saturdays to head to Dolores Park, do your kids have a favorite sport?  What do you love to do together in those precious hours free of work and school?  There's no posed shots here although I will gently guide some actions in closer together to get something even more special.  We can get a few shots of everyone looking at the camera and smiling if that is your desire, but most of our time will be spent focused on documenting your everyday life, the actual emotion, reaction and genuine enthusiasm. 

A Day in the Life Session

A  day in the life session is an expanded version of the basic storytelling family session, but it lasts 5-6 hours and captures more of your day and more authentic moments in the story of your family. Generally these sessions either go from breakfast until after lunch, or capture an entire afternoon and evening through dinner and bedtime.  This is a great thing to do yearly to remember a typical day with your child(ren) as they grow up!