What is a Brand Story?

A brand story is more than just words on a page and a narrative. The story goes beyond what’s written in the copy on a website or what you tell people in your “elevator speech.”

It’s what people believe about you.   It's how you stand out in the sea of sameness.

The story is a complete picture of you made up of facts, feelings, and interpretations, which means that part of your story isn’t even told by you.  Everything you do, each element of your business, and how you present yourself, is part of your brand story. Every element should reflect the truth about your brand to your audience.  Who do you want them to see?  How much do you want to share?

Why do you need a brand story?

If you want to build a thriving and noteworthy business and a brand that will create loyalty and excite your audience to fall in love, you have to start with your story.  The more your audience feels that they know you, the more money and time they will invest in you.  Having a brand that people can feel, a brand they can relate to, lets them clearly see why they need you.





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The Brand Experience

The Brand Shoot

Need a Simple Upgrade?  Maybe you're just starting out and don't have the budget or just need some new images for a new project you are launching?  Try the Mini Brand Story Shoot