Retreat Leader Packages

The life and energy of your events is what adds to the impact of the transformation you help to create with your clients.  Images of that experience helps to give new potential clients a chance to feel that potential change for themselves.

Make your passion visible.


Visionary Speaker


As a leader in your field your online identity is as important as the message you are bringing to the world.  With this package, we connect all elements of who you are to how you want to be seen in the world, so your ideal clients are magnetized to you.  

We start with your Brand Story.  An in-depth process of defining the key points of your story and creating images to match that.  The goal is to create consistency and clarity in how your brand is received and connection with your new clients.  They want to know, like and trust you and being able to see your essence is one of the fastest way to do that.

As you create more value for clients and take them on retreats and VIP adventures, this package is designed to follow you on the journey to help create images of every aspect of what you offer and who you are.  

What it includes:

-3 VIP event days- full 8 hr day documentation of the entire experience you create

-Quick turnaround time to give you images for social media to keep the power and momentum flowing.

-A kick ass collection of images of you in your power for approachability and consistency throughout your marketing materials. 

VIP Upgrade


You've got your retreat planned out, tickets are starting to be purchased and the excitement is starting to build.  What if you could add even more benefit and transformation to what you are delivering to your women?  This package is to give your clients a visible representation of what you helped them accomplish.  A tangible element that they can take home and share with all their friends, helping to create larger impact and reach of the powerful work that you are delivering.  

What you receive:

-With a minimum of 6 women that commit to the offer, your event photography is free as my gift for the opportunity to work with more amazing women.

- Shoots will be designed to fit in with the content you teach and help to create the full experience you designed. Each woman receives a one on one shoot to capture her essence and receive a take home gift of her transformation work with you.

-Support and assistance in getting the word out.  The more women that join your retreat, the more income potential I have so I'm on your team to build your audience.



Venture Partner


This package is best designed for leaders that haven't picked dates or started advertising yet. This option would be seen as a true partnership.  Math aside, we would collaborate on the benefits gained by participants and an action plan for the best places to market to find the perfect participants.  Running an event can be a lot of work.  My goal is to make it a little easier for you and a lot more fun for the women that you attract.

What you receive:

-A true partner fully invested in seeing the success of you and your event. 

- Documentation of the magic for social media while event is in action and for marketing of future events.

-Added benefits for your current clients joining, as each woman would leave with a collection of personal images showing her wild transformation and radiant beauty.

-Confidence in being fully supported with onsite partner and images representing your essence as a leader and the essence of your event.