My Life is a Holiday!

 Chichen itza

Chichen itza

Everybody has a story, and if you take the time to write it down, it's probably pretty epic.  

I lived a solid decade of my life globetrotting, meandering and creating art in the most glorious places. The title of my never written memoir was to be "My Life is a Holiday!"  and in reality it was.

I created a world that I could pick a place and go there, get most or all expenses covered, and leave with a wealth of satisfying memories and a bag full of money.  Life was good.  I earned a handsome living while adding 15 country stamps to my passport and I think I paid for maybe 2 of those flights.  I worked hard, I played harder.  I had amazing friends all over the world and a legacy of co-created artwork that shall live longer than my physical body.  

But as the story goes, all good things must come to an end...  

or in my opinion, lead to something better.  

I didn't realize the tremendous benefits of the life I had created until I got burnt out, needed a big change and had no exit strategy.  I had become accustomed to all the amazing attributes and ignored all the negative side effects.  The bad began to overshadow and I could no longer see the good.  Time to change what wasn't working...

My partner and I were creating a beautiful life together in NYC and Woodstock.  He came home one day and said "Do you want to move to California?"  Just as I was in swimming in the awkward place of "What do I do with my life now?!#$@" in walks the idea for the perfect reset button!  Seemed like divine timing.  I was ready for all the changes.  Starting fresh with all new everything made sense and I didn't have to do it alone. Bonus!

Change is inevitable in life (or at least the life I want to live).  The goal is to be ready to ride the wave when it hits you.  Swimming is way more fun when you have the comfort of seeing the shore and the skills to keep your head above water.

That's a tiny sliver of my story.  I've been firmly planted in the Bay Area of California for 4 years now.  I've taken 4 holidays as an adult that weren't work related.  Two, with my love, for the sole purpose of just being, not doing.  One journey to Tulum that was at the beginning of my journey in to deep personal work and where I created "The Essence Project", my mission and this life's purpose.  And then this last holiday, back to Tulum for a reset, to reconnect to my creative inspiration that sometimes tends to wander off all on its own.  I realized recently that I've been 200% dedicated to building this new business in a different way and ignoring my desire to seek my dream.  You can't tame a wanderlust.  

It's taken me a few years to realize the photography business that I want to create and it seems rather obvious that I'll never give up my desire for adventure and love of the beauty and grandeur of nature.  It's where I find my magic, my peace, and my sanity.  These are poignant elements of my being.

I found this great quote that makes it all make sense...  

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing"- Helen Keller

I went to Tulum with a list of intentions and am returning home with the same list undone, but a deeper connection to the life I want to create and the business I want to create in it. 

All this to say that I will be incorporating my love and need to travel in to my photography business and am looking for inspired and passionate wanderers to join me! 

First destination: Sedona.  


June 19-24th :: 

I'll be creating magic in the red rocks and am inviting 3 amazing women to join me.  As a super, crazy bonus, I have deals on travel and accommodations as well.

 It doesn't get any better!   

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The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes" -Marcel Proust