You are Me

In honor of International Women's Day, I write this to all the women who I love, the women who love me back, the women who inspire me, the women who taught me to dream, the women I have yet to meet and the women that have yet to be.  I love you. 


You are better then she is

not the woman next to you, but the one you used to be

left behind pieces of broken and bruised

loved and let go of, as a healed memory


You are stronger then you say you are 

yet you always tend to put others first

Their needs in front of yours, as designed and expected

Sometimes expectations are designed to be exceeded


You are the confident woman you always wished to be

She was there all along, just waiting to be seen

She hid from the judgement of those outside 

and hid deeper from the meanest judge of all


You are the one that you’ve been waiting for

there will never be a more perfect partner then

this imperfect you and the shadow that pushes you forward

Free to fall, to cry, to crawl and get back up again


You are exactly who you were always meant to be

no better, no worse

the perfect blend of this life well lived 

mixed with the inspiration and strength 

to make it that much grander by morning


I wrap my arms around you today

to give you all the love you never thought you could have

I lift my voice to you today

with the pride and power that I’ve held quiet far too long

I stand in my purpose today

next to you, standing in yours

I know you too well, because you are me