I am my OWN Valentine

I've always regarded Valentine's Day as an overrated Hallmark holiday. An excuse to make up for the lack of love given on other days.  A reason to be gluttonous and fill your belly with chocolate goodies. A day to wear red and go out to a fancy dinner because it's a holiday and that's what we do.  

This year I'm single, but that has nothing to do with why I am my own Valentine. I want this whole year to be dedicated to deep and passionate self-love.  Infatuated completely with not only what I need, but with what I WANT for myself.  Putting the little girl in me first and feeding my passion for whatever I'm truly present to in that moment.  Opening to the magic that is endless and surrounding me every day. It's about having enough self-love to say YES to me first.  


So this Valentine's Day, I'm reactivating THE ESSENCE PROJECT.   I'm selecting 3 powerful women who are ready to drop their insecurities, let go of their 'I'm not good enough' and swim in the perfectly imperfect beauty that is you.  

This is my gift to you, this is my gift to myself to get back to my passion, and this will be an unforgettable experience in self-love.  Click here to apply:

This is an offering valued at $750 that will only be open to the first 3 amazing women to apply. We get to play, create and explore what it means to be. It's not about the amount of clothing you strip out of, it's about stripping off the things that hold you back, letting go of the self-doubt and releasing yourself from the negative self- talk and whatever else may be stopping you from fully living your truth.

Back story to The Essence Project

2015 was the start of a passionate idea that came to me during a magical women's retreat in Tulum, Mexico at the end of November, 2014.   I was immersed in a collective of women that are each on their own journeys to whole.  I had the grand idea to gift them a 15 min portrait session. New camera in hand, and endless inspiration surrounding us, I presented my idea and all those willing picked their time to shine.   A chance to play in their raw, unadulterated, vulnerable, playful, curious, fully alive self. To not only be seen, but to be captured in the moment of their true essence.  Each of the women gave me the most amazing feedback, proving that the voice that I heard in my head was leading me to truly see what I'm here to do, who I'm supposed to be and why all the things in my life had led me to this experience. Here are a few testimonies from some of the first women to let go and play.

"Candace was so professional, energetic and warm! She put me at ease and I'm still in shock with what she pulled off! What made her shoot feel so different was how she co-created: Getting not just to Her vision, but to My essence as well. I've been photographed before -- always a grueling time for the non-photogenic -- and this was a totally different experience for me. I now have photogenic shots to prove that Anyone can be a natural -- if in front of Candace's lens! Thank you so much, Candace!" --Cynthia Spence
"I had the pleasure of Candace on a women's retreat in Tulum, Mexico. She documented the entire trip as well as taking portraits of all of the women in the group. What a treat! She was so brilliant at putting everyone at ease, pinpointing how each subject wanted to be seen, and capturing their true essence and beauty. The pictures came out remarkable and I can relive that amazing trip, through her wonderful photography. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity with Candace and look forward to working with her again very soon". -- Becca Shack



This day a few years ago in Tulum, surrounded by beauty and immersed in my own passion, grew into The Essence Project.  

This is  my purpose. 

To see each woman as beautiful as she is at her core, see past her insecurities, self-doubt, programmed behaviors to smile for the camera and whatever other bullshit stories that stop her from radiating in her powerful essence.  This is where my true passion is and this is my mission in this life. 

For whatever reason, I allowed myself to sidetrack my own vision and didn't stick with creating what I'm the most turned on by.  So today, as I breathe deeper in a day dedicated to wild self-care  I recommit to the real reason that I do what I do...

seeing past the story and in to you

Put yourself first Today and everyday.  Be your OWN valentine.