My mission is to help you tell the story of who you are and what you do and create imagery that allows your people to feel your big WHY and allow you to make the impact you are here for.  I don't take pretty pictures. I let the beauty of your life, mixed with the essence of who you are and help give you more confidence in yourself and your brand to share it in a bigger way. Standing out in a sea of sameness is what all entrepreneurs long for.  What you bring to the world is your mission and your passion, and helping you share that is mine.  I am passionate about helping women leaders on a mission to create a stand out brand and an image they are proud of!

My passion is to capture you in your true essence.  Your story should be palpable.

Not only seen but Felt. People want to know you. 

     Your life is filled with meaning and uniqueness. My absolute desire is to reflect that back to you through a creative capturing of your story, that you may be able to then tell the story of you to friends, clients, work whoever sees you.  Stories create connections and inspire imagination and creativity. They give your audience something to hold onto. Stories are what we remember and pictures are how we remember them.  

A powerful image creates an emotional reaction, a change in your perception or an answer to your question.  When the relationship between the subject and the viewer is dynamic and powerful, that is where the real magic is. 


Brand Story

Running your own business is a lot of work.  Make your images work for you and share your true personality to improve the likability of your brand.   Potential clients hire you because they like and trust you, not just because they need what you are selling.  You are more then just a headshot.  Show new clients who you are and what you do!

The Essence Project

 It is my unwavering belief that every woman is inherently beautiful.  The Essence Project was created to help each woman not only be able to share her beauty and her true essence, but to be praised in her power and fully seen in her unique perfectly flawed radiant being.  

Family Story

 Frolicking through the park on a sunny Sunday, daddy giggling as he playfully tosses his young son in the air, sister and brother holding hands as they skip down the beach, mommy’s tearful smile as she holds her baby newborn.  These are things I am passionate about and want to help you savor. Let’s play and make time stop for just that moment.